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Savannah Cats

The African Serval is crossed with a domestic cat to create this hybrid. This long legged big-eared cat resembling a miniature Cheetah at maturity can weigh 20 pounds and up. These cats are one of the rarest of the exotic hybrids. Leo, pictured here, is leash trained and goes everywhere - including restaurants where outdoor patios allow for dogs. He is calm, peaceful, loves attention and children. He is one of the most affectionate cats I've ever seen. We are using Bengals in our Savannah program to get even more of an exotic leopard look.

pixie bob (L)
savannah (C)
bengal (R)

Serval (felis serval)

male f-1 savannah

female f-1 savannah

f-1 savannah cat "Leo"

f-1 savannah "Mecca"

f-1 savannah "Leo" and his dad

f-1 savannah cat