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Pixie Bobs

Pixie Bobs (Bobcat Legend Hybrids): These cats resemble a miniature Bobcat with ear tufts and a short Bobcat tail. The Pixie Bobs are known as the most "dog like" of the hybrids. As the "legend" goes, Pixie-Bobs originated with a natural barnyard cross of a Bobcat and a domestic cat. Their paws are much larger than a domestic cat with polydactyl feet being acceptable. We have been able to produce some of the most "Bobcat looking" Pixie-Bobs I have ever seen.

5 Month Old Pixie-Bob

Pixie Girl

f-1 Bobcat Hybrid

Bobcat (lyns rufus)

Pixie-Bob Kitten


Pixie Kitten showing Bobcat spotted belly

Tufted Bobcat Ears of Pixie-Bobs

Pixie-Bob Stud

"Dixie" Polydactyl Pixie-Bob

Pixie-Bob Kittens

Female Pixie-Bob "Delight"

Pixie-bob stud cat

Male Pixie-Bob