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Safari Cats

Jungle Mountain is proud to be one of the most successful breeders of the very rare Safari Cats. The Safari cat is the "Rolls Royce" of the exotic hybrid cats. Safari cats are the breeding of Geoffroys cat (a small South American feline, related to an Ocelot) and a domestic cat. The result is one of the most magnificent hybrids you will ever see with a personality to match. Males are getting to 25 Lbs. with Females getting to 18 Lbs.

"Temba" practicing for
his las vegas act )

Safari Kitten

f-1 Safari Cat "Temba"

Temba gives Bion a kiss

Temba's face

Temba smiling

Melanistic Safari Cat

f-1 Female Safari Cat

Bion and Temba and
the California Sunset