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Crossing an African Golden Jungle Cat with a domestic cat produces this hybrid. Females can weigh as much as 15 pounds; males up to 25 pounds. Chausies wear a golden-ticked coat with "ghost spotting". Handsome stripes on all four legs and the tail accent the white chin and golden "necklace" around their long necks. The ears are large with black ear tippings (reminiscent of a Bobcat). Mummies of these cats were found in ancient Egyptian tombs suggesting these cats have been human companions for a very long time. These elegant hybrids also come in a solid black with the same sphynx like appearance of their golden cousin. Because of their size and affordable price, they are sometimes referred to as the "poor man's Savannah".

5 Month Old Chausie Kitten

Chausie Kitten

Jungle Cat (felis chaus)

Juvenile "silver tip" Chausie

f-2 Chausie

f-2 Chausie (felis chaus)

f-1 Chausie "Chakira"

Tymburr and Bion

female f-2 chausie